2 Wheeler's Main

The Usual

$10 (All Class)
  • Chain the grease with kerosene….Yes that kerosene….because our experts say so!
  • Rim wash, tyre wash, caliper wash & many2 wash.
  • Rinsing the dirt off the precious monster.
  • Bubble bath of foam party with nano skin hyper suds.
  • Blow dry & get all that water off  your monster.
  • AFAM chain lube sprayed with grease ninja oiler to get all unchains lubricated.


The Kilatzz

$5 (All Class)
  • Hyper kilatzz shine with technician choice ceramic spray
  • Very the hyperphobic same2 you see every where that last for months

The Off Rider

$10 (All Class)
  • Because the water is expensive to get your dirt off

The Kiwi

$6 (All Class)
  • Rim decon with nanoskin non acid iron buster to get that stubborn brake & road dust off
  • Kiwi off with technician choice ceramic rim protection your enik will be proud off

The Restorer

$5 (All Class)
  • Plastic trims looking pale like ghost? Nanoskin speedy to the rescue
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