The Package

The way we wash your precious monster

Get 3x The Usual @ $27 (Awsome Cars & All Bikes Class) $33 (SUV/MPV

The Monster External Package

The External Bao Ka Liao

$32 (Awsome Cars) $38 (SUV/MPV)
*  Cause you want people stare at you

The Weddin Escort

$20 (All Class)+ $5 (Off Rider)
*  Makciks would be proud

The Monster Internal Package

The Cleaner Than Clinic

$42 (Awsome Cars) $52 (SUV/MPV) $62 (> 7 seater)
*  30 mins on bac to zero nano mist to remove all that smells, the bacteria, the germs playing hide & seek in your internals. Pssst its TUV & SGS tested

The Cleaner Than Hospital

$42 (Awsome Cars) $52 (SUV/MPV) $62 (> 7 seater)
*  Bush your whole carpet/ fabric seat with the help of nano all purpose cleaner
*  Extract all that accumulated dirt into your bissell spot clean pro extractor
*  Loosen your stains and dirt
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